Welcome to UPSarcoma

sarcoma is a rare type of cancer

Hi, My name is Sandy Briden and I have undifferentiated pleomorphic sarcoma (UPS).

Sarcoma is a rare and often misdiagnosed type of cancer and it is important to raise awareness.

I have compiled a video with three main aims:

  1. To help friends and family understand sarcoma and where to go for information and support.
  2. To help people newly diagnosed with sarcoma.
  3. To encourage people to get unusual and persistent lumps, bumps and swellings checked out by a doctor.

Sadly, Deena, an advocate for the early detection of sarcoma, who features in this video has passed away. It is important the video continues to raise sarcoma awareness in her honour.


Click here for sarcoma awareness videos without presentation

The Royal Marsden Hospital

A world leading cancer hospital with a specialised sarcoma research unit.

Sarcoma UK

Sarcoma UK is a charity that provides support, information and promotes  awareness for sarcoma.

The Grove Hotel

A non-profit hotel for terminally ill cancer sufferers, in Bournemouth.

Dignity in Dying

Assisted Dying should be a legal choice for terminally ill patients
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Mum's funeral will be held on 15th January at St.Matthias church on richmond hill at 2pm to any one that knew her and wished to go ✨
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I am sorry to inform you that Dr Sandy Briden passed away peacefully last night
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Proud of myself, managing to get to hospital & CT scan, now at home exhausted, I know tumours have grown but it is always good to know what is going on #sarcoma
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Exhausted but hopefully can get myself, with help, to CT scan tomorrow, eating will give me energy #sarcomasucks will be good to see what those tumours are doing, esp. necrotic one.
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Olaratumab: a platelet-derived growth factor receptor-alpha-blocking | CPAA @DovePress https://t.co/ab7dhRzy7w research but #sarcomasucks
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